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Introducing P.A.L.(Pre Ariving Luggage) 

Travel & Luggage Shipping MarysvilleOn going changes in airline travel are making things more challenging than ever for passengers. The changes in carry-on limits, checked baggage, and security may be causing you unnecessary aggravation… adding to the time it takes to clear security and locate and collect your baggage at your destination.
Do any of these apply to your travel?

  • Too many bags to check.
  • Too large an item to check.
  • Items too heavy to manage.
  • Want travel to be easier.
  • Taking something fragile or valuable.
  • Don’t want someone going through your personal items.
  • Bringing your golf clubs, skis, or snorkel gear.
  • Want to put value coverage on your items.

With Pak Mail of Maryville's PAL service you can travel worry free knowing that your luggage will be waiting for you at your hotel when you get there.  Here are just a few advantages of the PAL program.

         -No more dragging your bags through a crowded airport

         -No more tipping porters to check your bags

         -No more damaged bags

         -No more waiting for your bags to be unloaded from the plane

         -No more lost luggage

         -No more hoping your bag was transfered onto your connecting flight

         -You are first in line for a cab or at the rental car desk

         -Book your return shipping home at the same time and get 30% off on return       



Pak Mail Marysville takes the “lug” out of luggage! Contact us.

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